Please call us at 314-450-6453 if you need to book the shuttle in less than 4 hours from your requested departure time or if you have booked overnight for the next morning.

We ask you for your flight number so that we can monitor your arrival or departure time.  Please make sure that you are providing the flight number that is directly related to St Louis Lambert International Airport.

Due to the rising fuel prices, we have had to add a fuel surcharge to each order.

Safe and Reliable STL Shuttle Service in St. Louis, MO

STL Shuttle Service is your top choice for shuttle service and airport transfers as we provide unbeatable rates and outstanding customer service. We offer daily round-trip service between St. Louis Lambert International Airport and the communities of Fort Leonard Wood/St. Robert, Cape Girardeau/Jackson, and Rolla.


You can book to and from STL Lambert airport, St Roberts/Fort Leonard Wood, Rolla, Cape Girardeau, Jackson, or Perryville, MO.

Trust Us

Our ability to organize and adapt to specific requirements in the passenger transport industry has enabled us to become a dependable service provider. From our expertly trained drivers to customer support staff, we strive to make your shuttle experience memorable by providing quality transportation and care.

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