If your shuttle ride is scheduled to take place within the next 24 hours, it's a good idea to call us, 314-450-6453 or 314-377-3770 to confirm availability. This will ensure that the shuttle service is aware of your upcoming reservation and can make any necessary arrangements to accommodate you. 

You must allocate 4 hours from shuttle pickup to your scheduled airline departure time, so you will have enough time to comfortably handle any unexpected situations that may arise, ensuring a stress-free travel experience. 

Providing your flight number when asked by a service, such as an airport shuttle or airline, is a common practice. It allows them to monitor your flight's status and ensure that they are ready to provide transportation services at the appropriate time. When providing your flight number, it's important to ensure that you are giving the correct flight information related to your specific airport, in this case, St. Louis Lambert International Airport. 

Reviewing the Terms of Service is also a crucial step for travelers to understand their rights and responsibilities when using such services.

Safe travels!

Safe and Reliable STL Shuttle Service in St. Louis, MO

STL Shuttle Service offers top-notch shuttle service and airport transfers with unbeatable rates and excellent customer service. We provide daily round-trip transportation between St. Louis Lambert International Airport and various communities in Missouri, including Fort Leonard Wood/St. Robert, Cape Girardeau/Jackson, and Rolla. We also serve Marion/Carbondale and Mt. Vernon in Illinois.

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